Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thirsty Thursday GUNS

Solid discussion material here, from TDC’s own TIMT. 

There has been and continues to be a huge amount of discussion from all over the internet these past few weeks, and it involves passionate, intelligent people making a strong case on both sides of this important subject:  Gun Control.

There is no need to rehash the viewpoints out there. You are probably sick of hearing all of them.    

Here are my own two cents: and take it for what it’s worth.

The matter boils down to two things that are basic, in my own two cents, which are these:

1. Those who intend to commit acts of atrocity will find a way, whether it is easy access of assault weapons or explosive materials or any other materiel.

2. Those who would never think to commit such acts of atrocity will suffer the loss of their personal freedoms such as gun ownership, the right to not have their communication methods traced, tracked and listened to, the right to speak their own minds in a clear and non-threatening manner, etc, in the name of keeping an eye out for the insane few.

Those above two items are not at all conspiracy theories: they are simply two real and  essential considerations used by our country’s Homeland Security.

The work of deciding how to go about navigating between the two is done by folks who have gotten into political power by listening to the fervent voice and emotion of those who call and write letters to their elected leaders, and/or those have something to offer for their own interest.

But do you know, again my own two cents, it boils down to the thin line between over-policing of our free republic,

 Against the responsibility of each of us for the importance observance of the behavior of each other: the creepy dude, the quiet neighbor who kept to himself, etc.

We each have a responsibility to not ignore the warning signs of our neighbor, our relatives, or the creepy guy in the line behind you at KFC.  (My own daughter’s words to me tonight, about the creepy guy behind her and her boyfriend who kept eyeballing her.)

The hope is that our observance of each other does not devolve into personal witch hunts (vendettas) against other folks under the guise of public safety. 

You see, why would the publication of the name of gun owners help anyone?

Why not also publish the names of folks who have mental illness?

Should we indeed remove access to gun purchasing from legal, sane owners?


Should we arm everyone?

I say: arm everyone with a chainsaw, and make us all carry them.  It’ll cut down on our national obesity problem, and perhaps take care of the food shortage at the same time.

Yeah, right.

Do you have any thoughts about gun control?

Give them here.


Hey, it’s Thirsty Thursday.  Here’s a Thirsty tune for you, from the likes of me, your willies friend at TDC.

If The Blues Was Whiskey   
by Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson

You might have this seen Jon Stewart thing.

Duct Tape crazy people?


Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson once said that folks worry about the wrong things.  Then what is up with the huge sounds heard around the Earth back in September, and video-recorded by folks in many countries?  It’s a real thing, you know, and scientists are looking for an answer...

Of course, the U.S. Navy have always conducted sonar experiments on submarines for a while now, and it has killed ocean mammals in large amounts, in a painful manner.


Invisible Car Driver Prank at a drive through.

Going on a cruise any time soon?

Next part of my tale for you.

God Help You All.

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