Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend At Willies Diversion

I’m Shakin’   by Blue Jack White

Welcome to your weekend, my friend.  Let's have a bit of diversion from your hectic week, shall we?  Crack open a cold one, pour a hot one, pack a full one, grab your spoon, or all of the above, and let's go.

Couple of you will get a kick out this.  I know I did.  Channel 38 Boston (Early Cable)

Don’t know how this hasn’t been posted before?

Just the facts, ma’am.

What to do if you have a fast car, lots of money from daddy, and you are bored?  Drive from NY to LA in three days.  Racing your bros.  and getting stopped all along the way.  Rich kids have the best times, yolo.   (Jeez.)

Work for your job.  Do your best:  jobs are hard to find?

A little bit of nsfw from CBZ.  From yesterday.  Thanks bro, for #11.

Fake Poop.  Ed Bassmaster.

Nutella on your booty?

Talk a lot about your lips do ya?  Turn the sound off and just watch for a bit?

Labra-lion.  Huh.

Speaking of something cute and scary, here’s the next chapter of my tale, piping hot for your consumption, if you like.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

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