Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Belgian Professor Forgets To Take His Screen Off The Projector Before Firing Up His Porn In Class

And ?? Problem ??

University professor watching porn after class with the video projector still ON, while class is being taped for online watching.

I really hate that this is still so taboo. You know when Obama was elected and people said shit like “It will be even more historic when having a black president isn’t news”? That’s how I feel about these stories. I wish a teacher firing up some porn on his laptop wasn’t noteworthy. Who doesn’t do this when there’s a little down time? You’re on a conference call or class gets boring then yea you take a peek at some naked chicks. No harm in that. Guys got a penis and a WiFi connection, right? Be an insult to our ancestors if you didn’t take advantage as often as possible.

Although I guess it might be a little embarrassing if the porn you’re watching is dominatrix. If you’re gonna get caught watching porn on a jumbotron you gotta go mainstream 100% of the time. Fetish stuff is a huge risk.

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