Thursday, February 21, 2013

I know a certain Weatherman I would like this to happen to

Greatest Video Ever !!

ADL – Sunrise weather guy and would-be adventurer Grant Denyer found out the hard way what eight G-Forces does to the uninitiated, passing out cold on air during this morning’s broadcast. As shocked Sunrise co-host Mel Doyle watched on via a satellite hook-up, Denyer was taken through his paces by Australian stunt fighter pilot Matt Hall who obliged when Denyer asked that he wanted to know what eight G-Force felt like. (A typical person can handle about 5-G before losing consciousness though modern pilots can typically handle a sustained 9-G forces).

“My whole body just started to feel all warm and cosy to be honest,” Denyer later relayed to Confidential. ”I had no idea I passed out. But I was out for about six or seven seconds.”

Typical dickhead weatherman. Hey everyone look at me! Look! I’m standing in the middle of a hurricane with 5000 MPH winds! I’m getting a live shot from the middle of a tsunami! I’m in a stunt plane taking 8 G-Forces to the face ahhhh I’m dead. Seriously shut the fuck up and tell me if it’s going to rain or not. I need to know if I need my fucking umbrella not whether or not your brain can withstand 8Gs without exploding. Most annoying profession in the world. Look at your cloud charts and tell me if it’s winter coat or fall coat day. Do your stunt plane flying on your own time.

Here we go .....

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This was my favorite !!

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Jessica Simpson is naming her kid…

... Ace.

His name will be Ace Johnson.

Free advice for Jessica: How to name your sons, in order.

1. Ace Ventura Johnson

2. Deuce Bigelow Johnson

3. Trey Parker Johnson

Ace Johnson doesn't sound like a scientist or a heart surgeon, but it's a great name for a quarterback. Maybe they should check the little tyke's reflexes before settling on this name.

Nah. Now that I think about it, it's not likely that Jessica Simpson's son will be a scientist or heart surgeon. Go for the QB, girl.

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