Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Shmoscars , We got people banging in the water !!

Are these two vacationers or native Brazilians? Big difference there. I mean if you’re Brazilian, from Brazil, and just heading down to the beach and slamming your girlfriend in the surf next to a 4 year old and her elderly grandmother…that’s kind of rude. Act like you’ve been in Brazil before. But if these are two vacationers all bets are off. Anything goes when you’re vacationing. Just live it up. Plus everyone knows vacation sex is the best. So if the mood strikes, she’s wet, you’re rock hard, the tropical sun is gently shining on your faces, the rhytmic waves are lapping on your naked bodies…throw it in her and hit that shit standing missionary for all the world to see. Don’t worry about those toddlers, they gotta learn about sex some day. Just make sure to warn them about the health effects of getting railed underwater.

Here we go .....

America's Most Miserable Cities 2013 - #1

Evidence Collected By A Private Investigator Suggests That OJ Simpson's Son Jason Was The Real Killer

Andy Griffith and Mongo get no respect in Oscar's In Memoriam . They did manage to fit in some marketing exec, but not those guys or Ben Gazzara, Richard Dawson, and Larry Hagman.

I know Willies posted this over the wekend but its too damn funny not to post on Monday too

Les Nipplerables? Hathaway's dress draws attention

Texas Finally Bans Shooting Immigrants from Helicopters ...This country is going to hell in a hand basket

Holy shit.

WWE Challenges Glenn Beck to Step Into Ring, Explain How Wrestling Insults Fans

Cubs’ top 2013 rival: Wrigley rooftop owners

NakedVeganCooking: Crazy web craze sees participants shun meat, dairy products and their clothes

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