Monday, February 11, 2013

Stir Crazy

For all of you who dont live around me , You have no idea how utterly insane all of this is ! 3 1/2 ' of snow in a 24 hour period and I have been in my house since Friday and my street hasnt even been touched yet . We are ok and have enough food and all but our city dropped the ball big time as far as keeping up with the storm and servicing the community in a timely fashion .It's embarrassing how bad the roads that were supposedly cleared look , We went walking yesterday a couple blocks down and let me tell you it is terrible how bad the City of West Haven is handling this event .

Update : almost 4 days after it snowed , We finally got our road cleared of 4' high of snow about 3 in the afternoon ....unacceptable and someone should have to answer for this city dropping the ball so badly.

I have been shoveling , snowblowing and clearing for 3 days but thats my own property and I cant blame anyone but mother Nature about that . I was out yesterday in the rain on my roof clearing 4' of snow so it didnt collapse in on me all the time wondering who the fuck lives like this ???

Fuck Crossfit , I have Shovelfit !!!!!

Here's New Haven Time lapse in 24 hours 1:34

Just Awful stuff , Worse when you despise winter !!!

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