Saturday, February 23, 2013

TDC WEAW Saturday Oral Tradition

For your Saturday cartoon pleasure, a fine site.  Explore the archives, if you like.

nsfw Mitch Fatel comedian. Need to find the Super Retardo full video for you. He's awesome.

Here’s a break down of pron for your Saturday reading pleasure.  Intelligent analysis with charts and pics of the industry.  Dude even amalgamates the faces of the top ten women into one very pretty face.

Gary Busy, 13 craziest things he’s done.  With videos, of course.

Here is the advice of the excellent Ernest Hemmingway on writing: 7 tips from Papa. That is my favorite tip, because it is what I do in my own attempt to write.  I started out writing all flowery, describing every detail of “the teardrop slowly streaking down  the face of the lovely lady who sobbed incessantly over the loss of her blabbity blab blab…”

And, yeah, blecch.  When I became a technical writer for air quality science, none of that flowery shit had a place in it.  Nowadays, I tend to under-describe emotions and that stuff.  When I re-read what I have written, (and, the rewrite is the most important part) I have to remind myself to describe the impact of the events upon the character, not just say that, “The Pretty lady was sad.”

Oddly enough, that seems like fun.  But I write to be brief, in order to have more impact.

In this way, each word counts.  No fluff.  No extra words. Just the ones that need to be there.

Oral Tradition means many things, like what a wife is obligated to do when she has that time of the month.  “No, honey, no biting…  Treat it like an ice cream cone or something…”  But comedians are the ones continuing this age old practice.  Here’s John Heffron.

Evidently, dolphins are complex enough in their vocalizations with each other that they call each other by name.  This was previously thought to be only done by we humans.  A signature whistle?  Hey, that’s at a construction site when a pretty lady walks by, right?  Who here hasn't done construction work?

Made ya read, didn’t I?  Sorry about that.  Here’s my own writin’s:   TFW Ch 32 Reflection.

Face swap pics.  Blecch.

Ahh, the good old sitcoms of the 90’s.  Remember the Sopranos?  Very funny.

Don’t do this prank. It’s a waste of good milk.

Harlem Shakes in the hizzouse. Funny.

Speaking of shakes, hot yoga pants.  NSFW, but it’s the weekend.  Tell the kids to go outside and shovel snow.

Worst tattoo in the world fixed for free. Remember when the new groom lost his bride one month after they married and wanted to get a decent remembrance of her tattooed on his arm?

The art of the twist joke. Anthony Jeselnik.  Sfw.  Not bad.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

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