Saturday, February 16, 2013


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Now grab a bowl of cereal or other deliciousness, (I prefer beer: a Jethro Clampett bowl full of beer) and let's spark this up.

Asteroids can give off small chunks that become meteors when they enter Earth’s atmosphere, and then they become meteorites the moment they land, like yesterday in Russia.

By now, everyone’s an expert on this subject, thanks to the mighty Google.

“The object that hit Russia, Binzel said, was traveling north to south, whereas the asteroid 2012 DA14 is moving south to north.  That means the two space rocks were more than a million miles apart.”  ---BostonGlobe

The right fist will catch your eye,  and that is when the left will uppercut and knock you on the glass jaw.  In other words, we can not keep track of all the shit flying at us from every direction. So, no need to panic everyone and say anything about that part.  Just enjoy it when it happens because it’s a hell of a light show, isn’t it? 

Do you know what would make the best marketing advice?  It would be for companies that produce our pleasures to take advantage of the situation and make the best of it:

Advertisements could have the following narration:

“In three days, the asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass between the Earth and our cell-phone satellites.  With the remote possibility that life could end, why not book a cruise of Carnival and enjoy one of our extended stays?”

Or, better yet,  “Stoli will perk you up at the end of the world.  Grab a case and head to the park with your friends, and let’s toast to the end!”

Like that.

And then after, nothing happens. But, the pleasurable products companies will have gotten a much needed boost in sales to help out the world economy.

Life goes on, as always, no sweat.  No harm done, and we get to have some fun.

AAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!  Goats yelling like humans compilation.  AAAAASTEROIDSSS!!!!


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Matt Kirshen  Magic of Flight.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

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OK, One More For You.

The genius of Patton Oswalt.  The Angry Magician.

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