Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thirsty For Escapism

Hello you Enjoyer of The Daily Column, the only site in existence with this name, going on, what, twenty years now?  Or so…

When you write anything at all, never put out your first draft, right?  Here is a compilation of first drafts of famous books.  The Harry Potter one is the best.   
 --- from Shit Rough Drafts.

Here’s an excellent compilation of them Russian Dash Cameras.  It takes a real man to talk in guttural tones when you are about to crash, instead of throwing your mittens up in the air while screaming like a leetle girl.

That video comes from this site.  

NSFW, if you like chickiebooty.  SFW, if you are a gay man.

Japanese are awesome.  Here are two ‘Murrican girls In Japan and they are going to eat an interesting con-cock-tion of ice cream.  Slightly nsfw.

Bar Rafaeli. She knows how to use that Instagram app.  This is on Complex Media.  A fine site for you to explore.

Guy Fieri’s restaurant and there’s Big Balls on the menu.

Speaking of which, your balls look bigger if your penis shrinks.  Get Viagra.

Now get back to work and change the world, slacker! 

I kid.

Thanks for checking out Rich Fowler’s Mighty TDC on your thirsty Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday, and that was always the best day, due to the anticipation of free time.  See you on the weekend for some scary Fuckno Wars stuff.  It will be long and hard for you, baby.

Or, well, something less gayfully said…

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, One More For You.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Bad Valentine Gifts.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!