Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Anonymous

As we enter the twilight years of the Mighty Daily Column forum, here is a soothing song for you, TDC Enjoyer.

Many internet sites have forums, and most of them involve folks screaming at each other in all CAPS.  In our forums, we’ve had that, as well.  But there was always a stronghold, an enclave of folks who would join in with some solid, funny ribbing of each other and that stuff.

That is what makes a forum community so much fun.  You come inside, you spurt your witticisms deep, and then you leave without putting money on the dresser.

Back in the day, before FB stole all of the brusque, hard men and genteel ladies of the DC, it was funny as hell here.  Then them bastards went all soft and started posting pics of their kittens, morning toilet dumps, and morning kitten toilet dumps on FB.

They are lost.  No help for them.

However, there is something that FB cannot do.

It may, perhaps be the return of the small forums in the secret alleys of the huge and wide internet.

It is the concept of having a place to call your own.  No one else has to know that you are there.  You are truly free to say what you wish, explore the ideas you have, be your true self, under the guise of a selected name and a picture as a calling card (once called an avatar.  Look it up on Wikipedia).

That is what I am.

I am an avatar:  a creation of thoughts and writings, without having to worry if my children can read it. 

You can have this freedom as well.

It’s a lot of free fun.  Just enter a fake email address and you are in.

Have fun!

Anonymous is welcome.  We are free, no ads or anything, no spam at all.  Nothing to sell you.  We simply want to continue the original intent of the creation of the Internet, which is this:

The free, uncensored transfer of information.

No, not sharing stolen anything created by others.

Just simple communication.

That’s what it’s all about, baby.

We need to return to that, and get away from the corporate sponsored bullshit and pablum of kitten shit.

Here are some things on the internet that folks have created, with due acknowledgement of their sites and names.  That is how it is done, and feel free to help them make a buck, for they should be supported in order to continue onward with their creativity.

Freedom to create, funded through capitalism, as it should be. Just not non-national corporate greed.  National corporate greed was better.

Hot moms with kids in the background.  Hah?

Hammonday  Peculiar people: Charles McTrunk

We having a new ice storm up heah in New England.  It will get cold.  Here’s how bubbles look when they hit a verycold temp.

How Brits sound to Murricans

Busty Japanese chicks.

How Brits sound to Irish folks

I fight you now!

Howard Sterns shoots his wife.

Watch out for the cops.  They will get you.

Well, think about it.

How do you sound to others?

What is it that you would like to impart to us all?

FB owns all of your food pics and diatribes,

But have you ever offered your own ideas in a secret internet forum?

Please, no ideas for bombs in our forum.

Peace be with you and rock on, good friend of the Mighty Daily Column.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

One more for you.  Let’s go chasing sheep.


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