Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colorado Courts Considering Forcing Aurora Dark Knight Shooter James Holmes To Undergo 'Truth Serum' Interview And ........HOLD UP HOW LONG HAVE WE HAD TRUTH SERUM??

A Colorado judge has ruled that theater shooting suspect James Holmes can be given ‘truth serum’ for his medical examinations if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. If Holmes offers a not guilty plea, he could be required to submit to the ‘narcoanalytic interview’ as part of an evaluation to determine if he was legally insane at the time of the July 20 shootings. The prospect of such interviews that may ensue under such a plea alarmed defense attorneys, who filed documents opposing the technique. A narcoanalylitic interview is a decades-old process in which patients are given drugs to lower their inhibition. Academic studies have shown that the technique has involved the use of sodium amytal and pentothal, sometimes called truth serum. Karen Steinhauser, a former prosecutor who is a law professor at the University of Denver and a defense attorney, said she could not find any case law about use of the narcoanalytic interview. ‘It comes up so rarely,’ she said, adding she knows nothing about it.

Truth serum has existed in real life and not just in cartoons and Bond movies for DECADES? Since when? Did I miss watching the news that day? This is amazing! Truth serum!

Here are some facts to consider: we have at our disposal lie detector tests and TRUTH SERUM, but rarely use either when someone’s on trial because….? Because deciding human fate with a lawyer arms race, unnecessary dramatization, and 12 strangers is somehow better? Right. Better than lie detector tests and truth juice. Not even George Costanza with a shoe filled with tacks could outwit several straight days of truth cocktails, DNA testing, and polygraph readings.

Oh look at that Rich just saved America like a jillion dollars on court costs and now everybody gets free college and blowjob robots. You’re welcome.

PS – He did it.

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