Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grunge Thirsty

I Cut You In   by Jerry Cantrell  

Grunge refers to the style of music, and also the lifestyle of those involved in creating it and also enjoying it.  21 years ago.  Am middle-aged birthday makes a man consider the mistakes, and also, the njoyment of his youth.  The lifestyle of the bachelor back in those days makes me reminisce of those days as a young punk in FucknoCA, a few years before that time.

Today’s column ins dedicated to Grungy sorts of things.

Enjoy, or not.

The term “Grunge” was termed for rock music on this day, back in 1992, to describe the Seattle Music scene.  To wit:

“[The term Grunge was created from the]  resulting in a rising popularity of Seattle-based bands”  ---From Wikipedia.

Mark Arm, the vocalist for the Seattle band Green River—and later Mudhoney—is generally credited as being the first to use the termgrunge to describe this genre of music”  --- Grunge, from Wikipedia.

Alice In Chains, 9 minute documentary of their start. 

Never thought about Canada all that much, although I do think of tribes who have been there longer that them Canucks.  But this is a show about a private dick who drinks too much.  From a while ago.  I like it.  Butch Patterson and his friend Frank

Sleep Thinker Labs.  The Lower Your IQ Pill

How’s this for a hobby?  Hang from tall buildings with a single hand.

Warm weather awaits.  Here are some summer drinks.  Let's start with wine as a mixer.

Screen grabs from Taiwan.

Ranker’s 50 best gifs from Reddit.

Or their 18 best pranks of this year.

Bloopers from this month, so far.

Now you can see music as it looks to a computer.

Beer is made.  From porridge.  Rule Of Thumb.

Thank you for visiting the 90’s.  Have a grungy day!

Drink ‘til I Die   by The Poxy Boggars  

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Here’s my own contribution to the Grunge.  TFW WAR CH2 Martyr

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