Friday, March 15, 2013

I Got A Beef With People Who Take Free Samples At The Food Court And Don’t Stop To At Least Pretend Like They May Order From That Place

Ok , What do you do ??

I was eating at the mall food court the other day and was slowly becoming infuriated with something that bothers me everytime I eat at a food court. I despise people who take the free samples of food with no intention of actually ordering from that place. It drives me nuts. Like I feel like if you accept a piece of chicken you should have the dignity to stop and at least pretend to ponder like you are going to order from that place. It’s just so rude to take it and not even break stride. Just keep walking like you stole the free sample. If I was the guy who had to hand out the free samples I’d lose my mind in 3 seconds. Just smash my tray over the head of the first teenager who ate and ran on me. Again I’m not saying you have to order from the place, but you sign a social contract in my mind that you have to pretend to be contemplating it. I told this pet peeve to the wife and she thought I was nuts. But am I really? Or am I so nuts that I’m the only sane one? We’re living in a society!

I think it's the same social contract that if you use a bathroom at a gas station, at least walk away spending a buck on a powerball quick pick or grab a candy bar.

Now Costco , thats a different story ....I usually always buy the product cause the people are staring at you eat the sample and you feel like a complete dickbag if you dont buy it !!

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