Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Just so you all know , I am going to start publishing my column in the afternoons rather than the mornings so I have time to sleep after working all night instead of being up at all ungodly hours ...im getting old . So be on the lookout for the afternoon columns instaed of the morning ones from this point on .

Rutgers Frat Bros' App Goes Viral - Shots iGot Measures How Much Liquor You Pour In Your Water Bottle

A new app for the iPhone called Shots iGot wants to end your ignorance and let you know exactly how plastered you can expect to get from your plastic bottle concoction, all with the simple swipe of your finger. The people behind the app have mapped into it 44 different common containers that you might use as an impromptu flask, including a Solo cup, a Coke bottle, a soda can, the Slurpee cup and more, so that you can visualize the number of shots of you’ve poured. You just choose the kind of bottle or container you’re pouring your liquor into, and the app brings up a touchable model of that bottle; you then slide your finger to the level of the container that you’ve filled with liquor, and the app measures, in real-time, how many shots you’re about to swallow down.

Three screenshots from the Shots iGot app, showing a 20 oz. bottle, the iconic red Solo cup and a Gatorade bottle, filled up with 1.8, 2.5 and 3.4 ounces of liquor, respectively. You can adjust the amount of liquor in the cup by sliding your finger up and down the graphic to the appropriate level. There’s also a mixer mode, which shows you how many shots of booze you can squeeze into a bottle that is already somewhat full of the original liquid. So if you’ve got half a bottle of Coke, the app can tell you how many shots of rum you’d be pouring in if you filled it up to the top.

Kind of mixed feelings on this one. The Shots iGot app telling you exactly how many shots you just dumped into your Gatorade Frost bottle or solo cup at a house party. Like on the one hand this is obviously real helpful for avoiding pesky shit like alcohol poisoning or unsafe blackout situations. Once you start getting your buzz on and start feeling the music in your bones and see the smokes around and just start dumping more and more booze in your cup without even checking. Trying to get those inhibitions low as a motherfucker then waking up with IVs strapped in your veins and handcuffs on your wrists. Not to sound like an adult or anything but always good when you can take steps to assure you don’t get arrested or die from partying to hard. But then again isn’t that kind of the whole college experience? Isn’t that how you learn to drink? Couple of bad experiences with too much Everclear in the punch or too much Bartons in your Poland Spring bottle? Back in my day I didn’t have Shots iGot holding my hand letting me know how much Jack I was funneling. Falling asleep face first in a toilet full of puke let me know that. All part of growing up.

Ah well. Feel like one of those oldtimers who hates new baseball stats and calls everyone who uses sabermetrics a nerd loser. Shots iGot improving the game with technological advancements but I’m still stuck in the good old days of blacking out without an app keeping me alive.

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