Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just another day in the hood ....Borrrrrring .

How about your boy Charlie right here? Just walking into fights without any clue how fights work. Catching one in the jaw and collecting some new brain damage from the cement. Dying for a while then waking up and getting drunk again. What a life! And judging by everyone’s reaction it looks like Charlie getting murdered is a daily occurrence. Usually knockout videos in the hood have reactions like AND 1 mixtapes...... Not here. Nope just Charlie fracturing his skull again. Ho hum.

Definitely faking it - Charlie thought someone was trying to wake him up for work

Here we go .....

Same Sex Marriage and Gilligan's Island Game Theory

Man exposed himself to cleaners

His name?

I didn't make this up.

........Mr. Dick.

WWE Star X-Pac Tears His Anus Attempting a Difficult Maneuver

Eyeballs found in trash at Kansas City gas station

Mr. T scores at NHL game

Man trapped in ‘It’s a Small World’ wins suit

Man Charged For Deer Hunting In A Walmart Parking Lot

30 Movies That Aren’t As Bad As You Remember

SNL Cast Members All-Time Box Office Rankings (LIST)

The top ten:

10) Molly Shannon $1,143,327,298.00
9) Chris Rock $1,444,059,687.00
8) Bill Murray $1,481,266,948.00
7) Will Ferrell $1,512,171,813.00
6) Dan Aykroyd $1,861,689,379.00
5) Mike Myers $2,211,357,524.00
4) Adam Sandler $2,231,854,574.00
3) Robert Downey, Jr. $2,592,735,048.00
2) Ben Stiller $2,618,588,338.00
1) Eddie Murphy $3,810,422,028.00

Molly Shannon????

She is the highest grossing female cast member.

Molly Shannon????

80 Reasons to Support Gay Marriage......Also known as: A cheap excuse to post 80 photos of girls kissing.

Why David Letterman banned Harmony Korine

Emma Caulfield is topless in this short film
- You will see her topless almost immediately, then you'll see her butt about a minute later.

A Convincing Argument That ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Toy Story’ Are One And The Same

The 50 Greatest Reddit Upvote GIFs , Ranging from the silly to the sexy.

Cassie Truman ( NSFW ) - You've gotta love a shirt that focuses so hard on concealing a woman's arms that it leaves her breasts completely uncovered.

A Tumblr dedicated to tracking down former GUTS contestants. Tagline: "You were on Nickelodeon GUTS in the 90's and now you're on Facebook. How's everything going?"

The 60 Sexiest Celebrity Cleavages - With a gallery for each, in celebration of National Cleavage Day, which is apparently a thing.

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