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Slainte from Murrica

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Excellent weekend ahead, if you have the right frame of mind. It could be a fun blur of events if you do it correctly.

Richie Fowler's eloquent and funny post yesterday made me hungry and got me thinking about food.

Unfortunately for me (and for you, dear Enjoyer of the Mighty TDC) I don't write truth with solid humor like him.

But that's why we are a good team.  Two perspectives.  No competition between us, just free content for your free time.  Your benefit, from us.

This is what the Bossman got me thinking about:






What is it that you like to eat?  Are you more of a salty fats person?  That’s me.  I like chips and fries, pumpkin seeds, Greek olives, feta cheese, all stuff like that.  That’s one of the reasons that I have to take a high blood pressure medicine.  Work stress from my jobs and also my alcohol consumption contribute, and I have only myself to blame. My choice, and I own it.

Many of my friends, cohorts and co-workers enjoy the sweet life.  Doughnuts, cookies, chocolate, candy bars and milk shakes.  Hell, I like those too, but they are not my first choice, and after a couple of cookies, I’m good.

How about you?

Are you salty-fats oriented, or sweet-fats? Feel free to tell us in the forum.

Of course, there are many other sub-level considerations, such as savory textures for salt. (Think of crunchy rosemary-olive oil flavored Triskets, or chewy focaccia, or pizza with melted cheese oozing about and you get it).

There is also sticky sweet fatty, like gooey cinnamon rolls, ice cream sundaes with caramel drizzled all over, pecan pie, or baklava.  Sticky indeed.

Doubtless you have a hankering for something tasty now, and I apologize to you if you are on a diet, or I welcome you if you are an epicurean hedonist like me. (There might be something tasty at the end of this post).

But consider this:

Time is money.  We are in short supply of both.

What happens when you don’t have the time to make your money because you have to bother with going out shopping and buying these delicious foods (or the ingredients to make them and then create them) and then eat them?

Is the enjoyment of food really all that important to you?  It is to me, but what are your thoughts?  If you could just concentrate on work, would you forget about the enjoyment of food?

One man says that it isn’t for him.  He has to create a lot of coding for his work.  So, he’s come up with a diet that consists solely of vitamins, mineral, protein, etc., in powder form, to be mixed with olive oil.

He claims that it is the perfect food.  What do you think?

Who needs a crisp apple, a grilled pork chop, or even a square of lasagna?  Time is money, and real food eats up both.  Interview with this dude.

That's some fucked up idea.  Powders?  Really?

Until recently in Russkia, beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage, but rather a food.  Folks would drink it at every meal without a second thought nor evil eye from anyone at all. I would have moved to Russkia and torn down some walls had I known this.  Now it’s too late.

This brings us to another consideration, which is this:  How we Murricans regard food.  We like our lunch to be available minutes after we order, and then drive to the first window, and then on to the next.  We are a car culture.  We are THE car culture.  That is why we invented cup holders, and driving with one hand.  It’s also why we don’t have an autobahn.

The approach to eating is different for each culture.  In Francypants, them folks savor their food in a manner that is diametrically opposite to ours.  We want easily chewed and swallowed tasty things in large amounts.  The idea is to get the food in the belly into the stomach as fast as we can, but to also taste it.  That’s why it has so much salt and/or sugar and fats.  We may have a taste of it as we bite, chew once or twice, and gulp.

Over there, them folks may take a two hour lunch.  Their jobs can wait.  Try that here.

The idea for them is that food should be savored and enjoyed, slowly and with good company and conversation.  It is their point of existence, to enjoy each moment.  So, working until seven pm makes sense, in that view.

Or you can catch a snack along the way.

But what about after hours?  We work hard and eat quickly to get our work done at the whistle blow, so we can endure the long commute and get back home.  There, the television awaits.  Or the internet.  Or is it the family?  Whatever it is, we deserve our time off.  Our afterwork is like a tiny weekend each night, as we await the real weekend.

Drinks are in order on this weekend.  But what if you were able to do your work while drinking, like them Russkies above? Check out this Canadian Detective.  He is good at both.

Even while having fun and drinking this weekend, you might get a knuckle slap for being a dick.

Or, you may want to fight.  And get smacked down by a sucker punch.  And hit your head on the bricks.  And get laughed at while you are out.  At least no one was a dick and kicked him all that much after he was down.  Have a great weekend, however you go about it.

One girl, a beat machine, her guitar, and her voice. TrixieWhitley  sings her song “Irene.”  She handles drunks quite well. There is no fighting, only her talent.  

We should all be so cool.  That would be nice.

God Help You. 

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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