Saturday, March 30, 2013

TDC Weekend Well Met

Before we get started today, shout out to da Bossman:  kick ass column yesterday, bro.

Now, welcome to your weekend, and thanks for stopping by the Mighty TDC.  Get yourself all poured, packed, cerealed up in your favorite bowl.

I’ve had a nice drinkation for my bday, and now it’s time to get back to work.  Wait, it’s Saturday? 


Wonder what lies ahead for the likes of me?  Hint:  I will have a sort of Redemption tale for you tomorrow, if you care to check it out.  Apropos, for such a Holyday. 

Awww,  ok, here's a soothing tune to start your weekend, my friend.  Tomorrow, it will be different, indeed.

Listen To The Dark Side   by Charlie Mars

Here are some frivolous finds for you, our friends.

Had a nightmare, and it involved losing my teeth.  They just kept falling out. Need to buy some of that Seabond glue for falsies?   Here are your favorite ladies in Hollywood, if they had no teeth.  (Memo to self: make appt for a teeth cleaning)… 

I had my wisdom teeth taken out when one became impacted.  After  the meds killed the infection, the pain subsided.  Since all of my wisdom teeth were growing in at right angles to the rear molars, I opted to get it all done.  Take them all out.  So,

The lower ones, they had to saw into four pieces, each.  While I was awake.  Thank goodness for Nitrous Oxide, baby.  Here’s the sort of video guaranteed to make you laugh:  Kids on anesthesia after oral surgery.  This young lady, she’s apologizing to her own wisdom teeth, all drugged up after.

Loosing baby teeth was one thing, but these ones are supposed to last me the rest of my mortal days. Speaking of babies, them Teletubbies was a show for tots, but now, iPad apps for tots is the new rage.  Kids at that age grasp technology quite early.  It’s scary.

Speaking of Teletubbies, that smiling baby in the sun at each opening of the show grew up into a cute lady.

Odd to think about her in a new light, (she was the Sun after all, way back when)  so here is a diversion for you.  NSFW ladies who can’t quite figure how clothing works.

Just goes to show you that what you find on the internet can be a lot of fun to check out.  But what about in real life?  How about Google Streetviews?  Here is World Wide Web’s collection of these sorts of images, from real life.

It’s some sort of holiday this weekend that involves sugar for kids.  Sugar rots teeth!  Dude, think about it?  Anyways, here are some pics of the peeps (the sugar encrusted marshmallow baby chickens that appear each spring), in interesting art form creations.

What is your own favorite Easter candy?  Hollow chocolate bunnies?

Or is it the Cadbury Egg?  Yum.  The chocolate orange that you break apart on the table is very cool.  But how about something for your favorite member of your club?  Your lady might like it if you dress your member up in a Bacon Flavored Condom.

Speaking of Game of Thrones on Sunday, what if them folks were on Facebook?

Time for milk with your cereal. Not bad for teeth.

Time to howl

Now go hide some eggs.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, Two More For You.

Pretty cool creation.  In Minecraft (I know, single-person game play on a server located somewhere else, building things with rocks and a pickaxe, one block at a time) with a Dubstep song in the background (I know, dubstep, not for everyone): a rollercoaster based upon Beetlejuice, the excellent movie.

NSFW Nicole Neal


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