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Thirsty 80’s Nihilistic

What Were The 80’s About Anyway?

Ya gotta follow me here for a moment, my friend. 

Safe and Sound   by Capital Cities

There are images from many eras in the video above, and they reveal our American Culture via television, which we invented.  We invented video as well, and then the Internet, and then the ability to share such images with others with on-line capacities and creations.  We also invented jazz, the blues, rock and roll, and much, much more. 

We Americans are capable of greatness.  We have proven this, time and time again. We are capable of creating life-changing things for enjoyment, and also for destruction.

In this video, many eras are represented of course.  Each has it's own good, and also the bad. 

Now follow me and explore a thought, if that’s cool with you.

At 2:26, the moving image in the video above captures the 80’s in an insightful way.  It lasts only a second, and that is what makes it interesting.  It’s not the image of the girl herself, (she may be kinda cute, but hard to tell with her eye make-up like that), rather, it’s the way she dances to the beat, as the camera pans to the right.

That tiny piece of video imagery nails the flavor of the 80’s. 

Here’s how.

We Gen Xers had never known life without the immediate threat of complete global decimation hanging over our heads.  We were raised by those who sought love and peace, and they truly loved their songs and drugs.  Our reaction was “Fuck it.  Fuck annihilation.  Let’s have some fun.
"Who knows when we may die?”   There was the sense of  “Who the hell is piloting this craft?”  No one was.

That is from where the bright colors of the styles in the 80’s originated.  Like the explosions of bright colors of the autumn leaves before they fall from the trees, it was a time of wild abandon. Clothe yourself in the weirdest stuff, get your hair piled up high, and party.

We were young, we were living under the imminent threat of total world destruction from Atomic War, and we had been living this way for decades.  The Arms Race between our Mighty USA and the now-dissolved USSR was an era that the  X Generation was born into, and we grew up in that mess.

It started during an era filled with rebellion, like a middle finger to annihilation.

Indeed, we were young when we witnessed Ronald Reagan tell Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall!” and the beginning of the end of Communism heralded the advent of a new era.

With a new start, a re-start to the video game of our nihilistic existence, we found a New Hope.

Within this season of hope, the USA entered into world domination.  This was also the birth of the culture of greed.  

And from that culture, thirty years later, we now find ourselves in a recovery without jobs, a time when big money is made by a very few, while the rest of the majority of USA citizens try to manage with wages that have remained stagnant, with no growth in personal wealth, equalized across inflation and income for these past three decades.

And now we find ourselves here, in 2013, looking for more hope.   

What is the answer?  Maybe there is no answer.  Maybe there is sit and wait. Perhaps it is time to prepare for hard times ahead.

Or is there something else, something that involves the essence of what makes us all truly American?  I’d like to think that what made this country unique in all of world history; the only one to have ever dominated an entire planet (and we still do), is the very thing that may save us after all.

What do you think it is that makes us American?

Certainly it is not the young lady in the picture up above.  But she is included.  (Side note: she probably has kids now, but did she ever overcome the eye make-up addiction?)


This is not a call to arms for a revolution.  This is simply an invitation to a discussion.

This is the sort of discussion that we all should be having.  It is about the culture of greed, when the morals of big money folks were buried in the dust left behind in the death of such cities as Detroit. Something wrong happened along the way.  Every recession in the past was met at the end of it by great economic growth.

This is not occurring these days.   It seems to be the end of Loyalty to Nation by those with big money, replaced by loyalty to the acquisition of all of the money.  All the candy. 

Thoughts?  Of course, feel free to share Murrica, Fuck Yeah!

Or,  We like the bacon grease!

Or even, we like our snacks!

Or any of that easy troll stuff.  

But what else might you have, by way of some good dialogue?

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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