Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Tessellation Iterations

It should be said: digging the latest appearance of this fine site, Bossman.  Pretty classy.

Apostolic palace in Vatican City, by Raphael

Welcome to the beginning of the ending to your work week.  Well met, our friend of the Mighty Daily Column.  You TDCers have been around here a long time, and thank you for that.  Don’t forget to share in our forum what you have found on the internet, whatever the source. Be it FB or Instagram or sexwithmonkeys or even MySpace (now owned and operated by Justin Timberlake (check it out, no sparkle graphics allowed anymore?) all is welcome here.  You contribute, and it will be up on the front page with a thank you to you.

So, we gonna get a new pope.  I hope this one is as fun as Pope John Paul II.  He was cool. All the chicks dug him, and he invented the popemobile.  He also worked on Vatican II.  Amen for that, baby.

The last one was, umm, different.  At least he tweeted, God rest his soul.

Now the Vatican will Sequester, much like our weak DC delegates have forced us to do.

My thoughts on that latest DC maneuver?

I think they planned it all long.  They invented the Sequestration as a way to make cuts without looking like they ever voted for such things against their Political Party.

It was originally created as a way to make certain that they would negotiate a decent budget for our Nation.

But I think that they did it, and allowed it to happen, so that they wouldn't appear to cross party lines and look bad.

Now they just look bad, all together.

You TDCers heard this idea here first.

DC needs an enema.

For the top pic above:

Tessellate   by Alt-J

Iterations, in wood burning.  With 20,000 volts of electricity.  It reveals the connection between electricity and organic material.  And you thought your wood smoked…

 By Melani Hoff, on Vimeo

Now who hasn’t ever thought of pushing someone off a fiscal cliff?  But, wait, what about the woman whom you want to be your bride?

Maybe this woman has her own great divide?  She had her crack AND her gun stuffed inside, well, you know

These men should be pushed off a fiscal cliff.  They’re all holding cats in their pics.  Lotsa cats.  Duuude.  What were you thinking?  Oh yeah, you meant to do that.  PUSH:


But not this one.  She’s cute.  Nice bikini pics.  Not for work, but no nudity… I’m conflicted here.  Help me out.

Push the Harlem Shake of the cliff.  Conan says so to Deon Cole.

Enough of fiscal cliffs.  Let’s have some fun.

Shexxual video games vid.  Funny, prolly safe for the worky work thing.

Invest your time, and perhaps your money, if you have it, in this new technology.  It’s a simple idea, and it works very well.  That makes it genius

Bill Murray.  He’s a comedic God.  Here is how he would look, cheesily inserted into some tv shows.  Funny site.  Check it out and waste your work day!

Here’s how I fixed my washing machine. Twice.  The second one in this vid is awesome dude. 

Here’s how I fixed my story.  It the part where I threw down shit.  The Fuckno Wars, Chapter 34.  All wars start with lines drawn in the sand, I guess.

God Help You.

God Help You.

---willies out.

Ok, One More For You.

Nsfw CBZ

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!