Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend At Last.... Ahhhhhh

Kingdom of Rust   by Doves 

(I was gonna save this for my tale, but it’s quite a good western type song.  Murrica, wild west, via Celtia)

Welcome to your Saturday.  We got interesting things to read, funny shit to check out, sexy things, and some videos you might like.  It’s your free time.  Enjoy yourself, my friend.

Standup comedian Bert Kreischer’s  “I joined the Russian Mafia” and it’s a truetale.

New oil technology, we won’t be running out any time soon.

Official Comedy’s YT site.  Here’s Puddin’ Strip. Even if that’s too weird for you, they have other channels on that site that might interest you.

Jimmy Kimmel:  sequester sent to Portugal?   Heheheh

Speaking of Portugal, scientists there have developed a very cool system to shoot a game of pool with no fail.  You just gotta see it tobelieve it

From TDC Forum bud Entropy Happens: cool science news for us manly men.  Wives, get ready to get busy.  We have the Lord’s work to do upon ye. Now lie prostrate on the bed...

OK, we’re finally gonna learn how to play rugby once and for all.  Here’s a short documentary.  With oiled up lasses in short shorts.

No One’s Watching.  A fifteen minute short flick about what caused the Big Recession these past few years.  It’s fucking excellent and gritty.

nsfw Woah Nelly    Ride her like a horse, good man.

Whole bunch of shocking plane crashes.

Bad Lip Reading’s Peter and Gwen Spiderman. “Ruffelth and Mith-ter Peacheth?”

Nuke ‘Em High coming back to the big screen?  nsfw due to titties.

Testedcom (from them guys of the MythBusters show) interviews the led light show's creator about SF’s Golden Gate Bridge display.

If that’s too long, then from the same site, here’s AdamSavage as he shows how he made models for various video media, for ten years before he got the MB show. And he was excellent at his craft.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Yo.  It’s Booty Butter Time.

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