Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Absolutely Disgusting WebCam Girl Talking About Squirting Redefines Nauseous

I love webcam shit like this. Because it’s great for reminding you that sometimes the weird stuff that is hot in porn, really isn’t hot at all. Like pornstars with their bleached assholes and pre-shoot enemas and stuff may make anal seem crazy hot. But all it takes is a webcam girl to show you that most assholes have untrimmed hairs, shit stains, and when something goes up it usually comes out with e. coli. Kinda ruins the appeal. Same for squirting. Sure sometimes I turn on PornHub and live out a fantasy of getting waterboarded by Flower Tucci. But that’s all off the table now. Some things can’t be unseen.

PS – who, and I mean WHO, was in that fucking LiveCam watching? You got the whole internet at your disposal bro. Maybe check out “Big Ass” tab rather than the “Fat Redneck Who Looks Like A Troll Toy Only With Worse Teeth Showing Her Maybe Piss/Maybe Squirt Stains On Her Pillow” one.

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