Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crazy World , Eh ?!

Hug your kids a little tighter tonight and settle those stupid differences with loved ones cause you never know when your last day will be in this FUCKED world we live in .

Reports all over the internet saying all sorts of stuff right now. Nowadays when tragedies like this occur the social media sites get ahead of themselves and all sorts of false information gets reported. But some outlets are saying at least 3 people may be dead. Obviously a lot more than that injured. No matter what the figures, its just a real tragedy on what’s supposed to be a great day for Boston.

It’s way too soon to start asking for answers or demanding the blood of who ever is responsible for this. But it’s not too soon to talk about the first responders. The video coming out of this, one explosion followed immediately by another followed by Boston police, Fire, EMTs and military security people racing toward the danger is something none of us should wait to acknowledge or ever, ever forget. These guys, having no idea if the explosions have stopped or what else is waiting for them, came charging in with no regard for their own safety. Risking their lives to save the lives of other people they’ve never met. And they do this as part of their jobs. It’s just incredible.

Now we’re getting report of doctors and nurses who ran the race, coming in after going 26.2 and rushing over to volunteer to help treat the wounded without so much as catching their breath or grabbing a cup of water. It reminds me of a story out of the early days of the war in Afghanistan when a soldier gave his phone minutes over for a reporter to use so he could talk to his family back in the States. And the reporter telling the story asked the question “Where do we keep finding young people like these?” I have no idea, but we should never take for granted that we live in a place that’s full of them. Godspeed to all

Whether you like it or not , THESE are reality ...sorry if your offended .
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