Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If McDonald’s Starts Serving Breakfast All Day Then I’ll Have No Choice But To Get Fatter And Die

NBC – Consumers can expect one of the world’s largest restaurant chains to look very different in the future, with new menu items, delivery services, loyalty programs, and maybe even all-day breakfast options. McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson, in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” offered a peek into the future of the fast-food chain. When asked whether there was potential for McDonald’s to serve breakfast all day, Thompson replied: “Yes, we would consider it. We have the focus on our existing menu, but we have looked at breakfast across the day. We have it in some markets around the world.” He added that the McDonald’s has looked at some “innovative ways” to expand breakfast hours for customers. “I think we’ll be seeing some of those things in the near future,” Thompson.

It’s a well known fact throughout the world that McDonald’s breakfast is my favorite thing ever. Those hash browns…my god, those hash browns. I’d liquify and mainline them straight into my veins if I had the proper tools to do that. A more heavenly breakfast item, this mouth has not tasted. And coming in second on the power rankings are the breakfast burritos. Yeah I know most people are scared to order anything besides the Egg McMuffin, but you’re missing out. Load up a burrito with like 4 packets of hot sauce, add a side of like fifteen hash browns and you are on breakfast cloud 9 my friends.

So do I want McDonald’s to start serving all day breakfast like their CEO said they might do? Yes, of course. Because I’d eat it all day long and roll around in grease like a happy blogger pig. But the only down side is that I’d definitely become morbidly obese and die of a heart attack before I’m 30. So there’s that to consider. Like on the day they made all day breakfast official, I’d simultaneously jump for joy and start writing my will. But I guess that’s the price you gotta pay for breakfast bliss.

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