Monday, April 8, 2013

The World Has A New Beer Can Champion

Pennsylvania’s Sly Fox Brewing Company is debuting a topless can which they call a “360 Lid”. According to head brewer Brian O’Reilly, the modification “allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses”. To open it, you pull the tab up (a startling hiss of carbonation erupts as you do this) and then peel the lid away from the can, exposing a 1.75-inch-wide opening. Viola – instant beer cup! Currently the lid can only be found on the company’s Helles Golden Lager, which is available across their Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey distribution area.

I’m gonna be real with you for a second — I like Coors Light. Yeah, yeah, it’s “Girls Light” and doesn’t have flavor and doesn’t fit in the normal mini fridge slots because the cans are designed skinny for whatever reason. Doesn’t matter. Sometimes you want a thick, hearty, flavorful beer, and other times you just wanna guzzle down an supercold ice-brewed Silver Bullet and forget about life’s problems like good ‘ol George W. used to back in his cocaine and Texas Rangers days.

Anyway, Coors Light is usually always on their game with can technology: wide mouth, cold indicator mountains, cold indicator bars, lined can to keep beer cold, vents so you can chug faster, etc. Part of the reason why I love ‘em. They know their demo wants to suck their products down into their stomachs as cold and quickly as possible and they made moves to ensure that happens.

But here’s Sly Fox completely blowing the top off all of Coors Light’s years of innovation. Boom — open can. No vent or wide mouth necessary.

Coors Light better come through with some way to have the beer already in our mouths when we open it or else I’m gonna be real disappointed.

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