Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend, willies style

Welcome to your weekend.  What do have planned ahead?  We are in the best days:  winter has finally left, a whole summer of fun awaits, and the nights are still cool.  Saturdays are a weekly hint of that feeling, aren’t they? 

Well, whatever it is you have planned, here is some adult diversion for you to peruse at your leisure.  Me?  I have a whole day of nothing planned, and that is the best.  Sleep in late, get up and make biscuits and gravy, and then lay about in the yard, under the sun, beer in one hand and electronic devices in the other.


Play It   by Victory 

Beer Candied Bacon, with recipe of course.  Breakfast indeed.   

Bat Cave, done right.  

That Drunk Girl.  Yes, they really do act this way, huh?  

Sober liars.  Coachella version, via Jimmy Kimmel.  

None of those folks should try to inhabit Mars, please oh gawd please.  But here’s a short vid for if you might be interested. 

There may be things to teach others there on Mars.  Like this.  Teacher in kiss class.  Um, yeah, kiss class.  I know, right?  nsfw

Ladies having trouble with their clothes.  This will make your pants fit funny. nsfw

How much food does $5 buy you?  Around the world, short vid.

Rhian Sugden. nsfw

CGI water demo.  This looks very realistic.  

One of your favorite TV shows, but in modern times.  Mad Men, how they would look today.  The photoshopping is creepy, though.

Nipple Tassel vid.  May be nsfw, depending on your own work environment.

Chair Joke.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You

Chapter 8 of my tale, as we head to the end.

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