Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being There


Are you there?

Sometimes in life, I feel like I am the Chauncey Gardner character in that classic movie, "Being There."

Here's a pic of his buddy's funeral scene in that movie.  Get ready for the Illuminati aspersions, baby.

For you younger folks, it would be akin to "Forest Gump," but on a much smaller scale.

I don't have much, but what I do have, I sure hope no one notices that I really don't deserve any thing at all.

Just lucky to be here.

Now for your links, and there will be some not safe for the job/work/thingy material.  It will be properly denoted.  If you have employment, then you are lucky as well.  Wouldn't want to risk losing that.

Being There   by Wilco  

Don’t jump on a hood when someone runs you over.  If you do, hopefully you don’t have to ask a dumb person to call the police for you.  “Uh, tell me one more time what happened?”  Stupid.

Don’t jump off a roof with a bungee cord.  If you do, make sure your bro lets go of the cord or he’ll join you.

Beer Scooter  Just saying that you have been there.  And if you haven't, then you might be just a tourist in life.

Here's a laugh: Face Folding.  

All Sounds Made By a Bass Guitar in this song.

National Anthem fucked up by a Cannuck.  Hey, now YOU sing THEIR anthem.  

Honk if you like odd shorts.   

Got ya some Gay Summer Weddings anxiety?  This pill will help you attend them things.

Genius Comedian Patton Oswalt: Star Wars filibuster on Parks and Rec.  Animated.

Free kisses from a French dude.  Ouch.


Katie in a shower.

Chelsie all about.

Miranda and her rights.  Well, right nip.

OK, One More For Ya.  45 Faceplants.

All The Same   by Josh Homme  

Here's Chapter 12 of a tale you might have been reading.  Thank you if you have.


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