Monday, May 27, 2013

Puking Like A God Damn Boss

I am in awe ....

If puke choreographed puke dancing is a new thing my life just significantly changed for the better !!! I think its Safe to say that after this the streak of no one getting a hand job in cargo shorts since Nam shall continue . Judging by the size of his gut, he doesnt puke very often.....but he could have picked a better song to puke to ......just sayin .

Here we go ....

Should I Drink This Fucking Beer?
The perfect craft beer suggestion website. Enter a beer you enjoy and the site will hurl a creative insult at you (I'm a "galloping cuntalope") before suggesting a quality craft alternative.

Good to know: Demi Moore's new man has a pearl in his penis

Bee rustlers add to misery of struggling hive owners....I've solved that problem. I brand my bees.

A high school has created a curriculum where every subject — from physics to design technology to dance — centers on hockey.

5 Celebrities You Won't Believe Were Badass Soldiers

Texting Your Ex: Expectations vs. Reality
Don't you just love how technology makes everything so accessible, even soul-crushing remarks from former lovers? We're truly living in the future!

China is building a structure that looks exactly like an erect penis. So naturally, Jimmy Kimmel asked children what they think of it.

Real Lesbians Watch And Critique Lesbian Porn...."It's too many fingers."

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Memorial Day Edition, 50+ photos of lovely ladies wearing painted-on patriotism.

Music Break .....

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