Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday In Richie's House

Cocaine Hero   by The Rouge 

Well, hello there my friend.  How are you? 

I am fine, and thank you.

It’s been a busy week, full of all sorts of interesting things, and if you have any questions, I’ll answer them truthfully in our forums.

But now, rest your weary mind and let’s simply have us some fun in Richie Fowler's House, cool?

Here’s a consideration for you as you get yourself all ready for your free time, however you go about it on Saturday: the best day of the week.

Consider, if you would:

How do you go about your job during the day?  The reveal of the integrity of a person is what we each do when we think no one is looking.  Pick that nose. Scratch that ass.  Just clean your fingers afterwards, or you’ll get boogers and shit everywhere you go in your travels and intarweb surfing.  Did someone else clean their own hands before using this keyboard before you?

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands with soap before you leave the shitter:

Typhoid Mary was named that because she would cook for people and they would get quite ill and even die.  Then she’d get fired and simply go snatch another cooking job. You see, she didn’t wash her hands after she shat, during food prep

Here’s a gross dude, and good advice is: don’t eat the toppings off someone else’s pizza when you are delivering it to them.  You’ve been touching door handles and elevator buttons and money.  Bastard, caught on video.

Ke$ha drinks her own urine.  How many piss jokes can you think of right at this moment?  She deserves her celebrity status, huh.  

Speaking of drinking piss, Should I Drink This Fucking Light Beer?  Single-purpose site.  Try it out.  Obvious answer is YES, you should drink your fucking beer.  I like to drink light beer when I drink a lot, because I need to fit into my Speedo this summer.  That’s my business, don’t judge.

Of course, a good beer is how you start.  After the first eight, then it doesn’t matter, can I get a HellYa?  It’s because then, light beer is your friend.  No need to be a chump and drink water between drinks.  

Here we are invited to learn how to make booze from scratch, in New Joisey.

But not like last week: pouring cheap booze into top shelf-labeled bottles in New Joisey.  Travesty!  Heads will roll!

Cheap booze in expensive bottles is like lesbian porn.  It tastes fake, according to actual lesbians.  

Speaking of hilarious but funny, here’s Ze Frank who explains the Aye Aye weird bat thing.  

That fellow Ze Frank does his work quite well, so he’s not an internet robot, collecting sites for others to view while collecting the clams.  The Daily Column only invites you to read.  No payment necessary.  But you might consider joining in our forum.

Speaking of bad robots, here are two of them, from our English-speaking heritage, in video, of course:

Ed 209 vs poor Mr. Kinney  

Marvin the eternally depressed robot.  

Those robots are failures.  Here is more failure:

Are chicks still doing the Duck Lips pose in they cam shots?  Really?  That’s a failure.  But what if they were eating spaghetti?

What I’m trying to tell you is: Don’t fail at your job.  Failure is fucking failure.   

You see, you might consider doing your job as best you can, even though you think that no one is watching.  You may even become iconic:

19 Iconic Cultural Firsts from Ranker.

Now for your nsfw stuff, no fail at all.

Mary Jane is hot.  So she gets undressed.

Whitney Westgate.  

Lilly Roma.   

Carry on, TDC Enjoyer.  Enjoy your Saturday, however you go about it.

If you would like, I will post some more of my tale for you tomorrow.  It’s been a busy week, and I need to have some of my own mental vacation.  I find that much needed thing in writing truth-based fiction in the best manner that I can, just for you.

God Help You

God Help Us All

---willies out.
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