Thursday, May 16, 2013


Welcome, and well met.  Let’s think about all of the horrible things we have encountered as of late.  I mean, the IRS?


Need a drink now.  Thirsty and all…

Maybe an antidote would help a brother out.  Jessica Rabbit, real life. Sfw, but bulbous and not too tame.

Ok, more horror: The most horrifying Industrial Accidents of all time, from our friends at io9.

Antidote:  Oscillate.  Visually stunning short vid.

Wish I could go back in time, at 88 MPH.  But, here’s Glove and Boots on why time travel is bad, told by hand puppets.  Hey, it’s very well done, ya doubter.  

OK, antidote, if ya need it. Slightly nsfw.

Now for some more horror.  Oh, the horror.  Hey, I’m a self-professed horror writer.  But trying to bring some cred to the genre.  But this is cute.  Horror pics Photoshopped into endearing movies.

 Speaking of horror:  Gainer?  WTF is a Gainer?  Well, here is one.  Tammy.  

She apparently sees gaining wait for some odd internet fetish as the only way to make money.  Here’s a workout for her.  Amazing New Workout, from Brosh. Kinda loud, turn down your headphones/ speakers.

 Ali Rose.  Enjoy your nsfw antidote.  

Truly, it doesn’t matter to me how you look.  I like you just the way you are.

Beasts.  By BBC  

To wit, gawd help ya, Angie Jolie, with your decision.  Let’s look at your loveliness, nsfw.

Speaking of time travel, here’s a very cool set up, not too much $$.

We do what we can to avoid the vestiges of time.  How about some real real, to put you back into the moment?  Gunfire.  This is Australians against the enemy.  25 mm cannon.   Bunch of these recently downloaded by F*350 

Antidote to the real real: momentary diversion.  Queef explained by a girl with large mammaries. I lasted about thirty seconds.  Wife hates that. 

She’s a screamer. But this is scary.

Antidote for ya:  NSFW butt collection

Safe for work: Casino Royale opening in Lego. 

Gary Barton’s homage to the 5 Second Films thing.  They should hire this guy.

Horror has many levels, as we have seen today.  We rise *ahem* and we fall *flaccid*  and then we like to smoke a cig (still quit) or roll over and go to sleep.  Let her sleep in the wet spot.  Below is a soft, dulcet tune for you as you make your way upon the ruins of humanity and the IRS, with our executive branch that pounds on the window at night, like the kid in Poltergeist with a creepy clown under his bed. 

I am the creepy clown under your bed, but the executive branch is the real Horror.

Postal Service  Such Great Heights.  (Single word lip sync is intentional in Ben Goddard's singing)  

Enjoy your day, and thank you for visiting Rich Fowler’s Mighty TDC.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, One More For You

The next part of the ending to the tale.  Truth, or TRVTH, as was written long ago in a distant land.



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