Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirsty For Sanity

Princess Leia and Imperial Themes  by  ViennaPhilharmonic 

Rough week: I apologize for today's weak post. Really bad week.  Perhaps the weekend will hold the answer for someone close.

This here site is one of my own long-time escapes from the sometimes ugliness of the world, and quite helpful to participate at this here time.    Shit happens now and then.

Ya know.

Fuck it, let's have a bit of mental vacation, for a while, cool?


The whole catalog, in chronological order, for the themes of  The Star Wars Trilogy, with theme points demarked in minutes.

I need a good laugh. 

BEER!  Um, from coffee beans that have gone through an elephant. Yes, it is them daring epicureans from the Isles of Nippon that have yet again found the craziest thing to ingest.  And pay $1,100.00 for a keg.

Of course, some islands are scarier than others.  Here is the Isle of  Lesbos, but not in a good way.

Blues Brothers High Class Restaurant

Trading Places escargot joke

Man, I'm done.  Need to face what tomorrow has to offer.  Just some tunes now, for my sis.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

I Will Steal You Back  by Jimmy Eat World 

Superman’s Dead  by Our Lady Peace 

Through The Deep Dark Woods  by The Veils  

In The Night  by The Weeks  

Tops  by Lost Prophets 

Of No One  by Born Ruffians  

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