Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Thexxy Nothtalgia

Now don't worry, there is nsfw down below.  In the Netherlands.  Nether regions. Nether parts.  Ya know.

As a tease before that, come up for air.

Here's a tune to help get you awake.

Miracle Mile  by Cold War Kids  


A lot of work can go into something one would like to construct, if you want to make some sort of impact, or send a message, or simply contribute to our human existence.

The best thing is if the final product does not reveal the amount of work that went into creating it.  This is called The Suspension of Belief.

Consider the following video.  Instead of attempting to make sense of it, simply view it and listen.  It does not exist in the real world, but it’s well done.

The following video reveals the work that involved in making that short flick.  The making of any movie these days involves a lot of people and their creative contributions to it. 

If something we humans have created can withstand the test of time, then someday it might be called “art.” 

At any rate, if it offers even a moment of enjoyment, then it still has value. 

Speaking of instant gratification, let’s have some fun, cool with you?

Dotta said we should see this.  Cute bear.  Must have been raised alongside the German Shepherd in this video

Best Bloopers of May 2013.  

From Curiosity:  What’s inside the Cube?   Now answered.  Lots of work for those who have sought it.  It was an experiment of epic proportions.  

Speaking of video games, here’s a real life version of Surgeon Simulator.  Making Coffee.  Effing fucking funny

It comes from this game, by Robbaz, the King Of Sweden, who showed his own experience playing this damned game.

What is it that makes us feel a certain way when we hear a favorite old tune?  All about Nostalgia, by Vsauce.  

Antidote to thinking, and not so much fast talking:  NSFW area of Richie’s excellent  Daily Column:

 Here's a tune to set the moon. (Gitchi weliwoni, Namen Gubliel.  Smooth find.)

sbtrkt trials of the past  

Bubble Butt.   

Asphyxiation.  Say it slowwwly. 

 Franziska Gurtler.

 Candice Swingpole.

Mellissa Debling

God Help You

God Help Us All

---willies out.

Radio Head's Karma Police by  Shefita and Sabbaba

 who are from Western Asia 


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