Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thirsty Thursday, 'Tucky Style

Ya know, there is something that makes this site excellent.

It is you, ya bunch of die-hard TDC community members.


Thank you for joining in all this time, a hundred years or so now?

Gotta give thanks here to one of our own, good ole 'Tucky Dave, who offered to help an honest Injun out while away in the desert for some science-related stuff.

Unfortunately, his contribution got halted in my tribe's server until I got back from Phoenix.

Now, he wrote the following material and sent it to me in order to help out, and for that, I owe this good man some brewskies and blue skies.

Thanks, 'Tucky.  (I need to update your front page avatar pic for a proper summah time bonfire pic, ya know, but I'm a lazy Injun tonight, gawd help me *hic*)

Here you go, and keep in mind, this was intended for the last Thirsty Thursday.


Since Willies is travelin, ‘ole ‘Tucky is gonna help out today. Hope Y’all enjoy!

Lets start off with some good music!

Ain't that the truth! Beer sure is good, and people sure as heck are crazy! Just look at the stuff that has happened the last few weeks. 2 fanatics blew up a bunch of folks in Boston, A fertilizer plant blew up and a kid tried to blow himself away in front of his High School classmates. If that don't prove it to ya, Drive down I-95 towards New York at rush hour. There  are more crazy folks out there than ya can shake a stick at!

Who says Porn makes you a wierdo?

A Tribute to summer (NSFW)

Cute Camel at drive through safari land

Who says Texans aren’t smart!

As usual, the “fix” for Social Security will make less security!

Now that’s quite a storm!

Now this is just plain nuts!

Now here are some neat cars!

A little more music to end it up!

Your ole bud 'Tucky Dave signing off.  Hope ya had some fun.

That's what you do.

You help a brutha out.  

Greatly appreciated, 'Tucky Dave.

---willies out

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