Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend At Willies LEVITATE (for Lloyd)

Welcome to your Saturday.  There is serious talk at the bottom, but you didn't come here for that.  Now get yourself all propped up with your favorite accoutrements, and let’s have some fun.

Charlie Sheen vs Michael Jordan.  Sheen wins.  

Here’s Beth Galton.  She cross cuts food with a band saw.  Or something like that.  Actually, it’s quite lovely.

Here’s how you stop a plane.  Take off the left rear wing (horizontal stabilizer).  The Cop Car Nudge usually makes you head to the ditch. Too bad about the dude behind the dash cam.  Guess he ate that rear wing (0:12).  Watch his knit-capped head catch the beat at the end.

Here’s a knit-capped head beat for you on your Saturday.  Very cute, kids these days.



Here’s some jaw-breaking news: “I broke me jaw!”  Milk jug tossing, the wrong way.  

Moms always do their best to embarrass their children on FB.  

That’s like a fart in the face: it brings out the knife.  

Here’s a tune from a man with a great mustache.  Ladies and Gentlemen, "Fool,"  by the very cool  Donavon Frankenreiter.

Mean Tweets Numba Four, from our friend Jimmy Kimmel.

Lily Feguera.  nsfw     

That makes quite the mood.  Like this song, for them young folks.

Get Lucky   by Daft Punk  

We don’t need nsfw Bras, bra.  

60 sexy teachers that aren’t  60 years old.  

Have a lovely weekend good friend.  Get out in the sunshine if you can.  At least for five minutes.  I hear that it feels good on the skin.  At the least, it makes your skin create vitamin D.  Let me know if this is true. 

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, More For You.

Human Condition.

“When you're concerned that the miserable, boring wasteland in front of you might stretch all the way into forever, not knowing feels strangely hope-like.”  ---Allie Brosh. 

Welcome back,  you excellent writer.

Ya know, the tales I have been writing are a culmination of experiences that involve altered states of the Human Mind.  These are from me, from folks I personally know, and of those who have been changed by their brain injuries.

But sometimes, altered perceptions do not occur from an injury. Sometimes, the human brain will protect itself from too much emotion and self-doubt and shut off that painful sector.  And then one will have no emotion at all.  It’s in “protected mode.”

Take Allie Brosh, above. 

That excellent writer, (she’s quite brilliant, actually) has described her own experience in what Depression feels like.  No, not being sad that you didn’t get more than 5 “likes” of FB. 

True, rotten, hard, cold, iron, unforgiving Depression.  She’s kind enough to offer a glimpse into what true Depression feels like (forgive the irony, please) to those who have not experienced such a thing. 

That takes some fucking guts.

I’ve never dived to those depths. How about you?  

She did. She is navigating the deepest levels of our human experience. Perhaps she will rise from them depths. It may not happen.  But I tell you what. 

I’m along for the ride. 

Having said that, here’s Chapter 10 in this tale I have been writing for you all these years, my friend.

There is redemption at my own tale.  

But the ride down is the best part.


…is it the Crash?


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