Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Best Game Show Activities/Challenges Of All Time

Remember THESE !?!?!?

So today the story about the Postal Worker getting caught faking an injury with her appearance on the Price Is Right is making the rounds. Everyone blogged it and said it was obviously worth it to get the chance to spin the wheel. So that begs the question – what are the best game show moments/activities you’d give up almost everything for? What show or situation would be your #1 choice?

Spinning the Wheel Of Fortune Wheel -

As far as game show wheels go, the WoF wheel is far inferior to the PiR wheel. Probably because its not as rare. You see that wheel get spun so many times it loses its luster. But I’d absolutely be lying if I said I haven’t daydreamed about having 99% of the puzzle filled in and I push my luck to spin one last time and land on like $5,000.

Going on a serious Press Your Luck run

NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY! BIG BUCK BIG BUCKS! STOP! One of the most underrated game shows of all time. Getting on a hot streak on Press Your Luck is like a hot hand in the dice game or riding a hot table in black jack. Just straight up exhilarating.

Win the face off in Family Feud

You’re out there representing your family. You politely shake your opponents hand, but in reality you’re thinking about how you wanna smoke her and rub it right in her face. Gotta think quick. Act quick. You swat the buzzer, deliver you answer, and look up to see the number 1 answer spin around with the bell sounding. Walk back to your family like the fucking cock of the walk. Its the best quickest showdown in the world of game shows.

Winning on Plinko

Arguably the greatest game show activity of all time. Its simple. Its pure luck. And it puts asses in the fucking seats. If I ever own a bar, I’ve always said I’d have a Pinko board to give away free booze and prizes because people fucking LOVE watching Plinko chips trickle down the board

True Daily Doubles

Spinning Wheels is fun. Tossing Plinko chips on a board is a blast. But letting it all ride on a Daily Double in Jeopardy is something you earn. It takes balls of steel. It takes brains. Its a game changing, potential deal breaking decision/ The drama, the anticipation. And the payoff. Unparalleled.

The Price Is Right Wheel

The number 1, undisputed champ of game show activities. So very few people get to do it. Only get 2 shots. So many different styles – the Hardo who spins super fast. The old woman who needs Bob’s help. The people who nail 1 dollar. The people who add up to 1 dollar. The people who do the ultimate and spin for a dollar twice. You land on 75 cents and decide to stay, play it safe. You land on 65 cents, what do you do? The analysis. The intrigue….The Wheel.

Honorable Mention because it was on PBS and is literally impossible to do:

The Carmen San Diego World Map Challenge

Literally the most impossible thing of all time. Its like the mental difficulty of Final Jeopardy mixed with the speed and athleticism of the Temple Run. You had to know like 85 foreign countries and had to place those lamps on them all in like 4 seconds. Good fucking luck, Gumshoe! Like no fucking wonder nobody could catch that slut Carmen. Straight up impossible.


Leaving out The Assault from American Gladiators was probably the biggest blogging oversight of my career.

Hands down the best game show challenge of all time. No doubt about it. Nowadays I’d just take a 120 mph tennis ball right to the fucking teeth but back when I wasn’t a piece of shit I would have loved to try to run the Assault. I’ve often debated whats better – nailing the target on the first shot with the cannon, or making your way through the whole course avoiding the Gladiator. Obviously from a points standpoint the quicker you finish the better. But to run the whole course and hide behind those fucking tree branches and shit and still beat the Gladiator is pretty awesome.

My Alternate would be Supermarket Sweep which was fucking insane at the end of every show too !!

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