Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Program Will Have NYC Public Schools Stay In Session Until 6:00pm This Year

City officials have identified 20 public middle schools whose sixth-graders won’t be hearing the dismissal bell this fall until 6 p.m. The schools — six each in The Bronx and Brooklyn, five in Queens and three in Manhattan — are participating in a pilot program that extends the school day by 2 1/2 hours. A total of 2,000 students will receive the extra class time and intensive literacy help for the entire school year, beginning in September. Participating schools include the South Bronx Academy for Applied Media, JHS 143 in Washington Heights and the Village Academy in Queens. The program, a joint production of the Department of Education and the City Council, is expected to cost approximately $19 million over three years. Such nonprofits as the Robin Hood Foundation and other private firms are contributing to the funding An additional 20 schools were added to a middle-school initiative that was launched in 2011 to address long-running performance declines in grades six to eight. That makes a total of 89 schools that are getting additional support. Lackluster results in the middle grades is a common pattern across the country.

Well I’m not gonna tell these kids to go ahead and kill themselves, that would be wrong and irresponsible of me. But they should absolutely runaway. At the very least pack up a suitcase full of some clothes and some toys and get the fuck out of town. Because school until 6pm is fucking lunacy. What is this, China? I don’t even put in 9am-6pm now and I get fucking paid for it.

I understand like 99% of the kids growing up in New York City are illiterate and can’t do basica math but this ain’t the fucking answer. Locking them in school for like 10 hours a day is only gonna make shit worse. I’d peace out on school altogether if I knew I wasn’t gonna be allowed out of that prison till 6 every day. When I was in middle school I think we got out of school at fucking 2:38. And watching the clock slowly tick until then was torcher. Imagine sitting there till 6pm? No sports afterwards. No hanging out afterwards. Just go home eat dinner do homework go to sleep and fucking repeat. I couldn’t handle that as a Cube Monkey when I was in my 20s…I’d absolutely kill myself if I had to do that when I was 13.

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