Thursday, June 20, 2013

NSA: I’ve Got Your Picture

sung by Kirsten Dunst

John McAfee shows you how to uninstall his software.  Slightly NSFW due to swearing and a little of the naughty parts.

Miss USA candidate agrees with the NSA’s policy of spying on her cell phone usage.  Hey, somebody needs to help her save her pics.  OK, wait.  If SHE is a threat to our national intelligence, then I for one agree.

She probably uses her phone badly anyway, like someone from a foreign country on the help line.

I’ve done this:  Ask to take a pic of your friend, wait for them to pose, but all the while, you are catching them on video.

Compilation of 45 vid-bombs on the news.

Video of a police raid on an unsuspecting, wealthy family in New Zealand.  They had done nothing wrong.

Like running up a lava hill.  Not a good idea.

There you have it.  The universe has no order, and our mathematics to understand it go only so far before the numbers begin to crumble.

Getting a face punch from Superman would stop time and create new sub-atomic particles.

Butts snfw from the Chive

Have a lovely day.

OK, One More For Ya.

Thank the lawd above that you don’t get bad service like this luggage handler in China.


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