Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stuck In A Mass Hole

I’m Down   by The Almost  

Thought I’d be departing Massachusetts well before the rush hour, after a week away from my Island.  God Help You if you deal with this every day.

The first construction area held us up for an hour.  And then the next one, and the next. What usually takes almost two hours became seven, to cross that state, and by the time we hit I-495 North, we were in rush hour.

Construction, first day of summer on a Friday, at 5PM, …well, I will never take that trip again.

Got home well past midnight.

Mass is awkward.

Here are some links for you.

Awkward is normal.  

Awkward river otter in your car.  Likes his tummy scratched.

All this happened in 1990?  For the record, I only liked the cool stuff.

Living the life.  Follow this chick for a day.   I could take 30 seconds of her voice then I was done.  

This young lady is excellent in her disguises.  For real.  

Bad photoshops by wannabe muscle men.  

NSFW Section:

Brasil Big Brother  

NFL Cheerleaders pics, behind the scenes.  

Same site:  64 Brasil butts   

Mr. Show   24 of the best.  

First time this Asian chick takes some good time happypill.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, One More For You:

“She knelt down to look at the tiny spark.  It winked out a bit and was gone.  Then it came back again.  She grabbed it and brought it up to her face.  She could see someone inside it.  It was like a tiny window.  She was looking through this tiny spark into another place.”  ---From The Fuckno WarsCh 31   Interview  From this site.  

Yesterday's Daily Column post had a link to the next Chapter of my tale:  TFW CH 19.  It's not pretty.  Sven has to pay back the Chauffeur. 

You see, this tale I have been telling you all this time is an exploration into human consciousness. 

The Large Hadron Collider has offered support for what has been considered for quite a while in the particle physics area of the scientific community to be true.

It is this:  Other dimensions of time and space appear to indeed exist.

Following such a line of logic, does it answer this: where does one disappear to when they are brain damaged?  Which one gets into the afterlife?  The previous version, or the new, damaged one?  Both?

For whatever it’s worth, the journey is the best part. 

Or is it?


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