Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well, as you know by now from your FB exploits, or from the front page of The Daily Column, or in our forums, The Dude is off to Hawaii

He will be having some fun with his little family, and good on him for bringing them there. 

Nicely effing done, Mr. Man.

Now, we certainly have the best wishes for safe travels for you and your good family my friend. 


For this site of yours,


You have left it in the hands of a creepy avatar. 


And here we go.

You know, one thing that always creeps me out is the deep ocean.  I mean, the continental drop is friggin deep, a few miles off the coast anywhere.

Think about it.  There’s really not all that much land mass on this tiny blue marble, and the rest is all saltwater.  It’s like being afloat in the air above deep caverns.

Me? My own vacation would start out as a three hour tour

I wouldn’t fly.  I’d end up like a fat fly in a gulp of water by Chris O’Dowd.

Ahem, (cough).  Let’s continue.

One of the best comedians around, Patton Oswalt.  Here, he shares his experiences in working with film actors.  Yeah, you’ll have to read something instead of watch.  Sorry about that.  TLDR.

Speaking of watching, Jim Gaffigan on why reading sucks.  Heheheee

Watching stuff has been around with us for a long while now, and so here’s some early stuff from Jack Nicholson.  Pretty cool, because it led to a cult movie.  A nice find from a buddy, Dr. Palinka.

On an island, I would like a Pina Colada made from some really good milk.  From the tanned, silky tatas of an island goddess.  



Just a creepy dude here all alone.  Maybe I can get some help from a country redneck in the next ten days.


This site might get ugly.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More Dip In The "Pool" For You.



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