Thursday, June 6, 2013


Ahhh.  Summahtime.  How will you be enjoying your weekends from now on? 

Kids and activities?

Barbequing and beer?

Going to the lake or the beach?

 Night time fires with friends?

 Floating in your own pool? 

All the above? 

Damn fine. 

Welcome to Summahtime, baby.

Here’s a summer time tune for ya, but when I first bought the double-disc LP Night At The Opera all those years ago, I had no idea what the lyrics meant.  Just thought it was some sort of folk song.  Well, turns out that it is a poignant science fiction tale, sang in just three and a half minutes.  Check the comment by Collin Doruff below the vid to read the synopsis.  Very cool.

Summer of ’39   by Queen 

In the summer of 1939,  tourist Jean Vivier visited New Yawk and shot this short film in color.  Still looks crisp and fresh.  The video, that is, not New Yawk. 

If you want to take an awesome pic from on top of a bridge, don’t pass out from being drunk.  Stay in your back yard and drink. 

Folks may speak in strange languages when you are drunk, like in the video above, but there is one language we all speak, and that is the language of the lovely butt.  From The NSFW Chive.  

Be smarter every day?  Well, this guy has a good YT channel.  Here’s his latest:  Caterpillars become a macro-organism, like a robot.  

Conan’s interview with Nick Offerman, about his mol Megan Mullaly and their coyote sex.  

How to take a picture of a molecule. Fascinating.  

Marty Brown shows you how to just not give a fuck.  Ejected!  And… sit.

One Wipe Charlie.  Be a man.  Don’t take no shit.  

Wasting your time, but not for very long: 5 second films.  Explore and get lost in their short tales.  

Pickpocket.  Nice song.  Cool vid

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Speaking of wasting your internet time, this is the next chapter of The Fuckno Wars, CH 15 Dig Deep.  Mental escape awaits you.

Another: from a good friend.  The horror!


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