Friday, June 28, 2013

'Tucky Dave's FINALLY, FRIDAY!!!

Kenny Chesney Pirate Flag

Hey there Y’all! Yer resident redneck here. With Richie off basking in the sun over there in Hawaya I figured I’d try to help out our honest Injun and do a column or so.

Here’s the first installment! 

Hope Y’all enjoy!

They finally found some!

HMMM, wonder how that will work out?

Now that’s a lot of dolphins! I’ve never seen more than 25 or 30 at once!

Now that’s what I call “roughing it”

This dude was such a gang dummy he botched the whole thing and wants no bail for a murder charge?

Celebrating summer, and the good ole U S of A (nsfw)

Now here’s the dummy of the week!

It’s finally Friday!

That odd willies Injun had something he done showed me, and it’s ugly.  I think I got a infection now. He promised ointment on the weekend.  TFW CH 21 Are You WELL?  

Have a nice weekend Y’all!

‘Tucky out.


Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!