Saturday, June 29, 2013


Cough Cough   by Everything Everything 

Thanks for helping out yesterday ‘Tucky Dave.  You are a true bro.

Caught a virus, and not in the computer.  In the noggin.  Not much to offer here today.  Tomorrow I’ll do better. 

This is how I am operating now. 

Got viral assistance from my Lady.   This cold Wolf meets a mean mother sheep in the Nederlands.  

Mobius strip made with superconducting magnets.  

Print is dead   by Egon from Ghostbusters (It's why I write online)

Breaking Bad, via Gilbert Gottfried. “Ai Am Da One who Knocksh!”  

Spaced  A show from Britland.  Tank Scene.  

Inhabitable exo=planets.  

1978  Boba Fett introduced.  

Geek vs Nerd.  



---willies out
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