Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anyone In Need Of Some Barbaric Battle Spikes?

Barbaric Battle Clubs - $125 (Salisbury/Beverly)

23″ total length to tip of spike
21 spikes on each club
Reproduction but awesome

Ummm, yes please! I’ve long thought that it was time for me to get a weapon, on account of me being a huge pussy. But you see, the problem with me being a pussy is that it extends further than my lack of ability to throw a punch. I also don’t know how to use weapons. I’ve never fired a gun, I could never bring myself to stab someone point blank. But a barbaric battle club? Seems right up my alley. Bash robbers heads in like it’s a game of whack-a-mole. It’s like a Charlie Kelly Rat Stick only for humans.

I’m gonna buy these things and stand in front of a mirror naked, taking monster cuts. Richie’s going deep tonight!

Here we go .....

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BTW , Just so you know im trying to keep everything light hearted and not getting into the Trayvon/ Rolling Stone rants keeps it that way .

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