Monday, July 8, 2013

Back From Hawaii

Im going to spare you guys all my vacation pictures but im just going to say the Hawaii was absolutely amazing . Everyone should go one time in their lives . If your my friend on Facebook , you have seen my pics so go there if you want to see them .

Here we gooo .....

Big Lady Kicked Out Of The Water Park Because Her Bikini Was Too Revealing

I don’t often come to the defense of the bigger gals but I’m going to here. And it’s not because I think she’s hot enough to wear a bikini, but because it’s all about location. Location, location, location. If this lady was at the beach in Newport, or at the Hard Rock pool in Vegas? I’ll be the first to chase her out. But she’s at the water park in Missouri. Ellen Shaffer is exactly what I picture when I think of a water park in Missouri. The WalMart of water amusement. Everyone is gross, everyone is poor and everyone has a tattoo going all the way around their waist. To be honest I’m willing to bet Ellen was one of the hotter chicks at that place. I don’t know how she walks with those thighs touching all the way down to her knees but I’d be shocked if there were 5 women more fuckable inside Adventure Oasis.

PS – how slow is the news in Missouri that KSHB was on scene before she even dried off? A woman got kicked out of a water park for being too fat? Get a team down there! GO, GO, GO!!!

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