Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ghost Hostess

Got back from Bah Habah and let me tell you chummy, it was a fine time had by all, until the ghosties got about.

We checked in here:

Very nice.  We went into the lobby and that was old-fashioned looking.  Ya know, hook my Lady up with some good digs.  The food was excellent as well, but they got it delivered to us from a restaurant on the next street north from there.  She had them huge scallops seared in garlic olive oil with capers and lentils and such.

I had the seared medium-rare hangar steak medallions on top of garlic mashed potatoes with some blabbity blab sauce that was like a gravy, and while it was friggin awesome, I could have eaten five more of them.  I am a big man with a HUNGRY BELLY.


Food is good, (they have a fridge in the room for copious amounts of frosty cold beverages which you can purchase before you get there.  Hey, not a chump who opens the mini-bar)  and we settled in for the night.

We watched the replay of the Walking Dead and set the widescreen to sleep.

Woke up in the middle of the night.

Lady says to me, "Someone is in here."

What the fuck?

I reach down behind the bedstand and grab my trusty hunting knife and flick on the light.

No one is there.

I drop the knife out of view for her and ask, "Where is he?"

She says, "Someone was standing over me.  I looked up, and it was a mist of some blue fog!"


Therefore, we spent the next hour re-packing our shit up and we were offered a new room in the just-completed hotel across the parking lot.  Promised no "ghosties."  Honest to you, we had not been into any sort of mid-altering substances.  

Here's the view of them new rooms, taken by me the next day.  Good bye.

So we get all settled up, and the dawn was breaking.

I took a pic to show this, for her information, afterwards.  Always do this.  It will help in in a future argument about such a thing.

So, all in all, lobstah and buttah with Cold River Voddy, ghosts and moving.

Nothing for your today.


---God Help You.

God Help Us All.

Buttery willies out.

Oh, yes, Chicago Dogs at Family Dog in Orono, on the trip back to home, are friggin awesome.

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