Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lightning and Blackness

Night Time Is The Write Time  by Ray Charles 

The storm swept us.  Our phones died late into the evening.  We could not be without entertainment.  That is the hallmark of the death of a civilization, isn’t it?

We finally got our electrical power back on, late today.   

What a hell of a weird ass storm.  It appeared to be two clouds fist-fighting in the heavens.

The hazy evening sky and the unrelenting heat were overtaken by a massive front of cooler air.  Where they met was a rumble, a tussle, and tumble; a war of lightning that never touched ground.

Here is some video of it.


Youtube is taking it's friggin time with my 25 megabyte video, so I'll post it when it finally completes.  This is a placeholder.

You can hear my Dotta sobbing in the back ground because she just broke up with her boyfriend.  Travel can do that, when your horizons are broadened and you realize that this little island ain’t all there is.

I wonder if she caused this strange storm?

Anyways, soon enough, the wind and the rain were howling and blowing in sideways through the open windows, and then the lights flickered, went out, came back on, dimmed, and then they were out all through the night and most of the day.

I placed hurricane lanterns in each room and handed out the Larry LED Lights.  We had a hurricane party even though it wasn’t a hurricane.  Late in the night, the neighbors all went home, and we had given up on the power coming back on.  Most of Penobscot County was without power all through this. 

So guess what?  I took a couple of old friends out of the guest bedroom and I set about writing by lantern light at the living room table. Pen and paper.  It felt like coming home.

Although tempted to transcribe it into Word and then import it into Blogger, I think for this one time, it holds a certain appeal to scan them in as jpeg files and post them that way on the williesthestories site.

Here they are.  Remember, I was attempting to let the characters do the guided tour.  I’m just the driver.  Apparently, this character named Christopher the Chauffeur had quite a lot to say.  I did not know that.  It kinda creeps me out dude.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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