Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Long Island Chuck E. Cheese Fight

Long Island Chuck E. Cheese Fight Features Mothers Throwing Down While Holding Babies In Their Arms

These kid's days went from good to bad real quick.

A brawl of WWE Raw calibre broke out at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese Saturday, with one woman throwing haymakers while holding a baby. Violence erupted between several adults after one woman threw the first punch. That happens at the 30-second mark in the YouTube video, posted Monday. Workers appear to try and break up the battle, but several women keep fighting, Patch reports. Even children can be seen trying to pull their moms out of the fray. Where a kid can be a kid, indeed. At some point during the melee, one woman’s purse was stolen, News 12 reports.

Listen I’m not a huge fan of kids, but even I have sympathy for these toddlers/human shields. Their day started off great. Chuck E. Cheese bro! Ball pits. Tubes. Skee ball. That awesome Jurassic Park simulator game. When you’re that age, life doesn’t get any better than eating that shitty pizza, watching that robot mouse dance and running amok all over the joint. One of the only things that can ruin the experience is if your mom starts brawling with bitches while dragging you around like a rag doll. Throwing hooks and using your face as defense. Literally diving into ghetto cat fights with you in her arms. I don’t give a shit how many tickets you have, that’s gonna put a damper on your day every time.

PS – Imagine being the bouncer at a Chuck E. Cheese? Instead of checking for fake IDs you have to screen for pedophiles while a bunch of brats scream in your face all day. I’d hang myself from the Pop A Shot hoop.
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