Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ahhh.  A welcome visit to the coast.  That was a helluva four day weekend.  I needed a good recharge.  

Yesterday’s post by Richie had me laughing my ass off, after the anger, that is.  Bastards.  Nicely done dude.

Let’s have some fun, cool with you?

This post is dedicated to Rube Barb, and she is prominent in one of the links down below. 

Happy Thirsty Thursday my friend, you TDC Enjoyer, you.

Elephant   by Tame Impala  

For you who remember PacMan, here are videos of that time and age, done with humans, in short animations.   Musta taken a shitload of time, huh?

Asking 100 girls for sex.  Ha!

Rue Barb:  Some old lady is a cranky, sour rhubarb thief.  She’s bad ass.  I am smitten.  Nasally voiced dude wants to sue her?  I would like to party with her.  I call her Rue Barb.

Maybe my horror would sweeten ole Rue Barb up a little?  It’s TFW CH 26 SOMEBODY ELSE IS ME

Sweeten up like this:  NSFW pics of butts, courtesy of The Chive.   

Ten Thousand Days   A short flick about cousin Charlie who is doomed.  It’s actually quite funny, believe it or not.

Maybe I’d take that cranky old rhubarb thief to a nice pool?  Here’s how they do it in China.  Standing room only.

Be aware that the next time you pub-fight someone, he might be your son?

NSFW Mia, all bendy and flexible.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK One More For You.

Creepy video:  One Last Dive, by Jason Eisner


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