Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Climate Lesson

Dotta with Native Comedians

My Dotta-in-college attended her first national conference, and she stepped up into a leadership capacity there.  You are on a good path, young lady.  She also nabbed this photo-op with the actors who appear in the video below. (I was friggin nervous about her and my Son's travel out there to California, after that horrible plane crash in S.F.)...

Here's that video from above:  The Slapping Medicine Man

'Nuff said.   Let's go.

Beer Can Chicken image from last Saturday.

But on Sunday, I roasted a rack of pork ribs, made my own bbq sauce after I let them set and then cut them up, and me and my lady ate well.   Shhh.  Don't tell Dotta that she missed that.

Ribs in repose:

Summahtime, summahtime, mmm   mmm   summahtime.

Enjoy the hell out of this heatwave and also put some of it into a bottle for when you will miss the heat in a few months.  Pour a little out and rub it over your face to take the blizzard blues away come December.

In fact, let’s turn the heat up.

Let’s have some summa fun like we were kids and the world held promise and uncharted seas waiting to be explored.  Avast and have at ye: white-sand islands in turquoise bays.  Arrrgh!

NSFW due to boobies.  What’s wrong with boobies?  I would fight for you, boobies.

Blurred Lines   by Robin Thicke  

Sexy:  Literature.  It’s read to you by a lady with glasses on and she’s sitting at a table. But wait!  Someone begins to use a vibrator on her, underneath the table.  Hey, this isn’t how that story goes (5:10 and on...)  Booo, lady, booo I say to you.  1 of 8.   

Brooklyn Decker.  Sounds like a fist fighter from Joisey.  But she has five NSFW vids.  

All righty then.  Climate change means that we will cool down a bit as well.  We have to be cool.

Breaking Bad in 9 minutes.  Like you need this...  

Fractals, in 3D.  Damn, I miss my old Mandelbrot generator…

Turtles All The Way Down  by Subdream  

Best of 5 Second Films on autoplay.  56 of them, which should take about fiveminutes if the math is correct?  

 Here is some of that beatboxing by a master.  He incorporates styles from all over the world, and also form American Jazz.  TomThum at Ted.  Excellent starting at 5:10.  

Evolution of every NFL team logo

57 pics of behind-the-scenes from iconic TV shows.  

You see?  Climate change means hotter summahs and cool cold.

We here at the Mighty TDC (owned and operated by Richie Fowler) hope that you enjoy your summah all year long, baby.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

Half hour of a tart old time busker.  Street magician with solid skills and witty nater, from Bath, Maine.  He is Gazzo

Kidding about the Maine Bath.  I take showers like a cannibal would. 

Now listen to me.  I apologize to you, my friend, for the lapse in the tale I’ve been telling you all this time.

It took wrestling with the muse and then my defeat.  You see, I was trying to force the tale.  I wanted to speed things up, but yet again, I found that the characters fell short and appeared false when I try to write with my own agenda.

In defeat, there is always a lesson.  One must always learn from a defeat.

My lesson is to shut the fuck up and let the characters do their thing.

And then just go along for the ride.

Fighting with the Muse would appear to be this:

Crank it up.

Foxy   by Oblast

See you on Saturday.  I have the next part just about done.  It will be long, and it will be hard   … to read.

I hope you like it.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!