Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Escape To The Coast From Innocence

Lost Innocent World   by Gogol Bordello  

Our fascination with technology is being sold to us at a very early age now.  Just look at the apps available to young parents with kids who can’t even talk yet.  Billion$ are being made

Goodbye innocence and welcome to the internet.

“Bwillions and bwillions of starrrsh...”   The excellent and highly nerdy Carl Sagan (RIP) had a great show named Cosmos, and that will be replaced by Neil Degrasse Tyson next year.  Thoughts?

Searching through billions of Legos to make a leg?  Very nerdy.  

Black and White Batman Cartoon.   

Scientifically Accurate Duck Tales.  Yay/blecch.  

So now, Scientists can transplant heads.  Very interesting.  

So now we have ten mysterious pics that are real?  Is that all, after all this time, and all of the billion pics taken each day?   We’ve been Palinka’d!   

So now we have Youtube in Ultra HD, (4K)  here’s Myanmar.  Select “Original” in the resolution tab.  It’ll blow your eyes.

So now we have a bunch of butt pics from The Chive.  I'm a nawsty man.

Thug Notes:  talkin’ ‘bout some old great book by Dickin’s   “Greeaaat ‘Spectations.

In the morning, I’ll be heading down to the coast of Maine for four days at a hidden escape with my Lady.  And that is where the next part of my own thug tale will be written.  Weekend hideaway.  Yum.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies be out.

OK, One More For You.

CBZ nsfw    

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