Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Muthic and Thexxy Timeth

It’s summah time, and we gotta savor it before the snow comes.

Now forgive an old nerd for indulging himself here and geeking out.  You are along for the ride.  Will you come?  There are links below if you need help with that, but first:

Benjamin Franklin invented many things, and in 1761, his favorite one of all was the Glass Harmonica.  

The invention of Bartolomeo Cristofori, in 1700, overshadowed the glass armonica, and for good reason.  The piano is a lot easier to play (no wet fingers) and has greater range.  This chick would give a nice hand job.  Sorry, getting “ahead” of myself here.

Here’s something that sounds like it was written for old Ben’s musical creation, if it was played in a cavernous, metallic alien craft way off in distant space.  Ominous. Turn up the bass and pour a drink when you are done with the work thing and do not want to rock out.
(Nerd Warning:  It’s the tune of an old TV show, but slowed waaaaaay down.)   

If you do, indeed, want to rock out, here’s one that kicks my own ass. 

Lift Me Up   by Five Finger Death Punch  

Speaking of Dr. Who, did you know that Michael Jackson almost got the part of the doctor?  Bleccch.  Um, yeah, the second choice would have been Fat Albert’s voice: Bill Cosby.  Could have caused the end of Dr. Who.  

Speaking of old-timey inventions, Abraham Lincoln invented U.S. administration spying on us U.S. citizens.  For real.  

Here is the next chapter of my tale for you:  TFW CH 24 SHOWER AND FLOSS, because of, you know, the flesh-eating. Sexy times lie ahead in this part.

NSFW area,  send the kids outside.

Workout for your hand.  

Sofia Vergara.  


You good?

OK, then.  Here’s a short flick.  The Four Rules.  

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---music nerd willies out.


One More For You.  

Zombie movie, set in the Britland version of Big Brother Reality TV.  Funny and creepy.  Just how I like it.  A find from Dr. Palinka.

No?  OK.  CBZ for ya.  nsfw


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